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Babel Balades: For those who have not visited countries or continents but more humbly tried to discover and tried to understand regions and countries which they visited.

Babel Balades is for cultural, humanist and leisurely tourism.

Cultural because every place has a history(story), a sense of identity.
Humanist because every place is a place where people have lived, it is embedded with human history(story), molded and shaped by man.
Leisurely because the time you spend on the journey is not the time spent by those who live there.

For those who know how to take time to stroll.
Babel Balades is not just one more travel guide stuffed with names, places, advice and other good tips.
On the contrary, we consider that a journey is a potential affair of personal discovery.

Who are we?
A small team of women and men fascinated by journeys (not necessarily in the long term!) and human adventure.

Electronic magazine

Main theme:
Cultural tourism

Other theme:
Inter-cultural relations

Geographical cover:
From the Rhône-Alps region to the vast outside world!

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